5 Ways to Improve Your American Accent

Looking for some ways to improve your American accent? In this article I’m going to show you five methods to improve your American accent. Here they are!

1. Read something aloud and record your voice

Find an interesting book written in English or a newspaper, magazine, website etc. Turn on your microphone and record your voice while reading the text aloud. Record a few minutes and then listen to the recording. Try to find out what pronunciation errors are you making and try to correct them. Then, record yourself again and find out whether you eliminated the mistakes.

2. Listen to the American radio

You can find dozens of American radio stations streaming live on the Internet. Just google “American streaming radio” and you should find a lot of different radio stations.

3. Watch movies with subtitles

Watch American movies with subtitles. Repeat some dialogues after the actors at least a few times in a row to improve your pronunciation.

4. Find a pen pal

Find an American pen pal. Look only for people who are interested in talking on Skype or another software that allows users to make voice calls. Most people will talk with you in exchange for your native language, so it’s a win-win. The more you will talk with native American speakers, the better your American accent will become.

5. Travel to America

Travel to America and speak as much as you can. Immerse yourself. This is the most effective method.

You should keep in mind that there is no magic pill and you can’t improve your American accent in a few days. However, it’s very possible to do it in a matter of a few weeks or a few months.

If you practice every day, you will notice results in no time! Good luck and have fun while improving your accent!

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