How to Improve My American Accent?

How to improve my American accent? Are you asking yourself this question? Are you looking for some tips on how to learn an American accent? If so, keep reading, because you are in the right place. In this article I’m going to help you. Here are three tips that will tremendously help you improve your American accent.

1. Watch movies with subtitles

Watch American movies and repeat aloud after the actors. Don’t watch dubbed movies – watch American movies with subtitles. It’s a great way to improve your accent (just try to imitate native speakers), your vocabulary and to have some fun!

2. Listen to music and sing along

Another great and fun way to improve your accent and your vocabulary is to listen to American songs and sing along with a singer or rap along with a rapper. Make sure that you have the correct lyrics and… have fun! Practice with each song for at least a few times in a row.

3. Get a language partner

Sign up on Italki or Polyglot Learn Language and look for some Americans who want to learn your native language in exchange for some help with your English. Let them know that you want to improve your accent so that they can correct you (many people don’t do it, because they don’t want to be rude).

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That’s it – three tips on how improve your American accent. Keep in mind that the most effective way to learn an accent is to practice on a daily basis. You can’t improve your accent overnight – it’s a longer process and it’s all about a regular practice. Good luck and have fun while improving your accent!