How to Reduce My Foreign Accent?

How to reduce my foreign accent? Is it possible to do it? If you are asking yourself these questions, you are in the right place! I’m going to show you two tips that will greatly help you improve your accent and get rid of your foreign accent. Here they are!

1. Imitate native speakers

Use music (sing along), movies (watch them with subtitles) or podcasts (listen to podcasts with transcriptions) to improve your accent. The best way to learn an accent is to imitate native speakers. That’s why you should listen to and imitate native speakers as often as you can. Of course pay close attention to the way you speak and compare your accent to that of a native American speaker!

2. Record yourself and look for mistakes in your accent

Find something written in English (an article, for example from Wikipedia, a blog post, a book, a newspaper or magazine), read it aloud and record yourself while doing it. Then, look for mistakes in your pronunciation and intonation. Note down these things and concentrate on eliminating these mistakes. Yeah, I know, it’s strange to hear your own voice!

That’s it – two tips on how to reduce your foreign accent. Don’t forget to practice on a daily basis! If you are looking for more tips on how to reduce your accent and improve your American accent, subscribe to my mailing list to get free lessons on how to learn an American accent. Click here to go to the homepage, enter your name and email and get them now!