How to Understand an American Accent?

How to understand an American accent? If you are asking yourself this question, this article is for you. I’m going to show you two super effective ways to learn to understand an American accent. If you put these tips to use, you’ll quickly notice a great improvement!

1. Listen as much as possible

Listen as much as possible to native American speakers. You can:

  • listen to music
  • listen to podcasts
  • listen to talks
  • listen to the radio
  • watch movies
  • watch TV
  • speak with native speakers face to face or online
  • travel to America

Remember that you need to concentrate while listening, passive listening won’t help you! If you can, find transcriptions to podcasts and lyrics to songs and read them while listening.

2. Learn an American accent

Learn an American accent to understand Americans better and improve your accent in the same time. This will help you communicate with native speakers with ease.

You should learn the rules of pronunciation, intonation and learn how to connect words together (liaisons). If you want to learn an American accent, subscribe to my mailing list to get free lessons on how to do it. Click here to go to the homepage, enter your name and email and get them!

That’s it – two tips on how to understand an American accent. As I said before: if you put them to use you’ll definitely notice an improvement. The key is to practice. Practice a lot!