Tips to Improve Your American Accent

Are you looking for some tips to improve your American accent? If so, that’s awesome! I have some easy tips for you that you can use to tremendously improve your accent. Here they are!

1. Read books aloud

Read books aloud to find out things that are difficult for you to pronounce. Highlight the most difficult sounds and words and look them up on You can also search for some audiobooks read by a native American speaker and compare your pronunciation to his (or her).

2. Learn pronunciation and intonation rules

If you want to quickly improve your accent, you should learn the rules of pronunciation and intonation. They will help you understand Americans better and speak with a better accent. Subscribe to my mailing list to get free lessons on how to learn an American accent to learn them. Click here to go to the homepage, enter your name and email and get the lessons!

3. Sing along

Find some good American songs, search for lyrics to them and sing (or rap, if you like rap music) along! Repeat if for at least a few times to master the whole song. It will help you improve your accent and also your vocabulary. Pay close attention to the way the singer or rapper sings or raps.

That’s it – three tips to improve your American accent. Put them to use, practice regularly and you’ll quickly notice a great improvement!